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Ph.D., CEO, Aperiomics

One of the rising stars of American biotechnology, Dr. Icenhour is an expert in infectious disease diagnostics and her mission is to change the entire thinking about pathogen testing. After more than 15 years in medical research and biotech, she was named Aperiomics’ CEO, a company that harnesses the power of next-generation sequencing to identify any known pathogen (bacteria, virus, fungi or parasite) in a single test. Throughout Dr. Icenhour’s career, she has demonstrated strong leadership in business and science and has dedicated herself to “bridging the translational gap between these two worlds.” Dr. Icenhour received her PhD in Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine from the University of Cincinnati Medical School of Graduate Studies in 2002. She conducted postdoctoral research in the Thoracic Diseases Research Unit at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine from 2002-2005 and in the Department of Infectious Diseases at Duke University Medical Center from 2005-2006.

Presentation Title and Company Description

Microbial Profiling Showcase: All Pathogens in One Test: Deep Next-Generation Sequencing & Powerful Metagenomic Analysis for Pathogen Detection
Aperiomics is a precision pathogen testing company working to change EVERYTHING about how infections are tested. Aperiomics’ Xplore-NGS™ is a combination of next-generation sequencing and advanced bioinformatic analysis that can identify 33,000+ microorganisms in a single test.

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