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Director of Clinical Informatics for Ciitizen Corp

Brian Carlsen is a clinical terminologist, previously for Apple Health. An advisory group member of SNOMED, he was an architect of the NLM’s UMLS and the NCI Metathesaurus, designed to help solve for semantically interoperable health records. He’s a software developer of web-based and open source tools for the leveraging of clinical terminologies across healthcare domains including labs and medications. He is an expert in creating computable representations of health data as a consistent way to index, store, retrieve, and aggregate medical data across payers, providers, and consumer devices.


An Informatics Driven Data-model for The Semantic Interoperability around Cancer
The previous sessions have addressed why patients are the natural solution to solve data sharing and why federal policies can be leveraged for same. However, having an API (e.g. HL7-FHIR) only solves the syntax problem. There continues to be a semantic mismatch between health data elements such as lab results where some reporting systems may call it Hemoglobin while others call the same element HGB or Hemob, and standard health terminologies may call it something else. Cancer serves as our backdrop to illustrate semantically matching like-terms in service of computational and ML/AI data needs.

Session Abstract – PMWC 2018 Silicon Valley

Session Synopsis: It’s fine to talk about cutting edge immunotherapy, biomarkers for early detection of disease, and the implications of ‘big data.’ But the dirty little secret surrounding big-data in healthcare is…we’ve got to think much smaller. Small data, N-of-1, the individual. Collected patient by patient, seven billion times over. Combining the power of people – and their health data – with developments in computational biology and technology for the knock-out punch on cancer. This session addresses patient data access, self-reported data, and regulatory solutions serving both human and AI/ML computational needs. We’ll outline a different way of thinking about the future – an attack on cancer that empowers people, patients and professionals.

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