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LL.B, MBA, CEO, Co-Founder, DayTwo

Lihi co-founded DayTwo in 2015 to bring personalized blood sugar control into the consumer mainstream. She is experienced in the analytical techniques needed to turn this scientific discovery into workable solutions for individuals, having been COO and CFO of Sisense, a provider of business intelligence and analytics software, before starting DayTwo. For more than ten years prior to that she has held senior roles in a number of IT led businesses, from startups to large public enterprises. She is a certified Lawyer, has an LLB from the Tel-Aviv University and an MBA from Northwestern University, USA.


Personalized Nutrition Using Gut Microbiome and Clinical Data
Groundbreaking research by scientists at Israel’s Weizmann Institute has proved a direct link between an individual’s gut microbiome and their blood sugar reactions to different foods. We’ll discuss how actionable personalized nutrition insights that help normalize blood sugar levels are generated, based on this research and proprietary machine learning algorithms.

Session Abstract – PMWC 2017 Silicon Valley

Session Synopsis: As the pace of investigations into the relationship between the human microbiome and disease states increases, new tools to interrogate and manipulate the microbiome are routinely reported. Several of these advances will be described in this session.

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