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M.D., Ph.D., Medical Oncologist, Director of Cancer Immunology, Intermountain Healthcare

Terence Rhodes, MD/PhD, is the Director of Immuno-Oncology for Intermountain Healthcare. In this role he works to leverage the unique resources of Intermountain Healthcare and partner with academic institutions and industry to develop biomarkers for immunotherapies. In addition, he oversees the effort to increase access to immunotherapy clinic trials. Dr. Rhodes graduated from the medical scientist training program at WVU. He worked at the National Cancer Institute under the direction of virologist Dr. Wei-Shau Hu with his PhD dissertation focused on retroviral evolution and recombination. After residency, Dr. Rhodes was fortunate to complete a fellowship at Duke University in hematology and oncology. His research efforts at Duke University were focused on the tumor microenvironment in colorectal liver metastasis. Prior to his recent appointment at Intermountain Healthcare, he had a busy successful clinical oncology practice where he gained a greater appreciation of cancer patients’ many struggles, reinforcing the need for personalized therapy.


Current Immunotherapy Biomarkers and Future Directions
Although an active area of research, the lack of current clinical biomarkers for cancer immunotherapy comes at a significant delay in effective treatments and increased costs for the majority of patients who do not benefit from immunotherapy. Intermountain Healthcare’s unique resources will play a role in personalizing immuno-oncology.

Session Abstract – PMWC 2017 Silicon Valley

Session Synopsis: Successful translation of predictive biomarkers into the clinic is dependent on multiple aspects including a prospective outcomes analysis, a clear definition of the biomarker sensitivity and specificity requirements, and clinical trial design. Examples of impactful biomarkers in current clinical practice will be discussed.

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