Session Abstract – PMWC 2018 Michigan

Session Synopsis: To fully exploit AI to drive medical insights and transform healthcare we require large data in aggregate. Only with data at scale can we employ the power of AI to accelerate discovery and power clinical advancements. But data aggregation, sharing, and access require that we develop trust in both technology and in operational systems for data use, auditing and provenance. This session will touch upon the different elements of a trusted data environment – including technology, data privacy and ownership, and on the critical role AI plays in knowledge extraction and advancing Precision Medicine.

Session Chair Profile

U.S. Public Channels, Healthcare and Life Sciences Solutions Executive, IBM

Mr. Crites is responsible for using transformational forces of AI, near infinite compute and storage to develop and execute revenue generating opportunities in the Healthcare, Life Sciences & Govt. (US) Verticals. His primary responsibility is leading IBM Systems in support of Watson Health, what the company identifies as its current ‘moonshot’ working to advance health at global scale. Mr. Crites has a passion for the ethical use of data and technology to advance Precision Medicine. He advocates and is pushing the industry to move from siloed samples sizes in the 10s or 100s to deep and diverse data sets in the millions and apply advanced artificial intelligence to accelerate the time from bench to clinic dramatically. To this end, Mr. Crites advises major healthcare and life sciences organizations and is active in large data sharing programs. Mr. Crites is also passionate about utilizing ethical data use as a core competency and competitive advantage vs. a cost of doing business in the “land grab” approach to data acquisition and analytics.

Mr. Crites joined IBM in 2001 as an Enterprise Sales Specialist. He has continually advanced throughout his career holding various domestic and international sales, consulting and leadership roles. He has been part of or developed first of the kind initiatives that led to new products, services, revenue, and growth. He is a transformational executive who quickly evolves too rapidly changing competitive environments and utilizes these talents to help clients succeed beyond their expectations and has advised many of the Fortune 500 companies in the use of advanced technologies to transform their businesses. Click here for full bio.

Speaker Profile

Ph.D., Managing Director in Data Strategy, Genomics, Precision Medicine, Health2047 Inc.

Piers is a Managing Director in Data Strategy, Genomics, and Precision Medicine at Health2047 Inc. He has an established track record of leading innovation at the intersection of healthcare and big data technologies. As the General Manager at Chicago’s Nash Strategy & Innovation, Piers advised startups, Fortune 500 corporations, hospitals and academic institutions on technology and innovation strategy. In this capacity, he advised on precision medicine, genomics, large scale data analytics, cognitive computing and future-proofing. His recent roles have included Global Special Consultant, Genomics and Healthcare at IBM Cloud. Over the course of a 13-year tenure with University of Chicago, Piers transitioned from professor of cancer biology to a role as Director of Strategy, Business Development and Outreach at the Center for Data Intensive Sciences. His strategy work on the $1.2 billion Medical Center Campaign paved the way for the first-of-its-kind national Genomic Data Commons. As part of the founding management team for the Genomic Data Commons, he helped steer the organization to become a core initiative of the White House Cancer Moonshot Initiative. Prior to University of Chicago, he was a post-doctoral fellow at University of Toronto, where he authored published works on complex cell behavior. Piers is also an Advisory Board Member at Ocient LLC, whose founder staged the largest software startup exit in Chicago’s history. Piers earned a BSc. in Biochemistry from University of Guelph, a PhD in Biochemistry from University of Alberta, and an MBA from University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business.

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