Session Chair Profile

Ph.D., CSO, SeraCare Life Sciences

Dr. Garlick is the Chief Scientific Officer at SeraCare Life Sciences. He is an experienced executive scientific and R&D Leader from the Life Science industry with over 30 years. At SeraCare he has led scientific effort into designing and developing precision medicine products through scientific collaborations and technology transfer with clinical research opinion leaders in the areas of oncology, fetal maternal medicine, inherited diseases, infectious diseases and for new QC approaches applied to NextGen Sequencing assays. He is an active member within American Association for Clinical Chemistry, American Association for Cancer Research, American College Medical Genetics and Association for Molecular Pathology.


Genomic Diagnostics Controls and Reference Materials
The rapid uptake of DNA-sequencing technology continues to drive growth in the genomic diagnostics. High-quality, expert-designed controls and reference materials are fundamental to realizing the full potential of genomic diagnostics. This presentation will discuss the technologies used to develop these genomic controls and reference materials applied to liquid biopsies, solid tumors, germline and non-invasive prenatal screening diagnostics.

Session Abstract – PMWC 2017 Silicon Valley

Session Synopsis: As an enabling technology, next generation sequencing has made possible significant advances in precision medicine and genomic diagnostics. This session will focus on efforts to ensure that NGS test results achieve the highest accuracy possible. High quality genomic controls and reference materials and the technologies used to develop them will be discussed. Both industry and academic researcher perspectives will be represented.

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