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Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer and Senior Vice President, Atreca

Dr. Greenberg leads a multi-disciplinary research and development team that is delivering unique therapeutics based on anti-cancer antibodies and T cell receptors identified from the immune repertoires of elite responder patients in multiple indications. During his career in Pharma and Biotech, Dr. Greenberg was Senior Vice President for Translational Medicine at Checkmate Pharmaceuticals supporting an innovative CpG based therapy, Vice President of Global Oncology Research at MedImmune/AstraZeneca where his group delivered therapeutics against PDL1, OX40 and other targets and Senior Director of Oncology Research at Pfizer where his group helped delivered a therapeutic targeting 41BB. In his academic career, Dr. Greenberg was as a Full Member at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle and Associate (Tenured) Professor at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. Dr. Greenberg has been widely recognized for his early work creating the genetically engineered TRAMP mouse model for prostate cancer and demonstrating the oncogenic potential of mutated androgen receptors.

Presentation Title and Company Description

Immunotherapy Showcase: Mining the Immunoresponsome: Anti-Cancer Antibodies from Elite Responder Patients
Atreca is a privately held biotechnology company that is advancing a pipeline of therapeutics discovered through Immune Repertoire Capture®, our proprietary technology that yields unbiased and virtually error-free paired-chain antibody and T cell receptor sequences from single B and T cells isolated from active human immune responses.

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