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Ph.D., Founder & CSO, Siolta Therapeutics

Dr. Nikole Kimes is Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Siolta Therapeutics, a San Francisco-based biotech company developing novel microbiome-focused precision strategies for the prevention and treatment of inflammatory diseases. As the lead executive driving Siolta’s early-stage development, Dr. Kimes heads a talented team of scientists, blending microbiology, immunology, and bioinformatics expertise to leverage microbiome data for the improvement of patient stratification and development of precision microbial therapeutics. An inventor of Siolta’s technology, her research in Dr. Susan Lynch’s lab at the University of California San Francisco, provided the foundation from which the translational research program at Siolta Therapeutics has developed.

Microbial Profiling Showcase: Siolta Therapeutics
Siolta therapeutics develops microbiome-based therapies for the prevention and treatment of allergic diseases.

Next Generation Microbial Therapeutics: A System’s Perspective
Siolta Therapeutics is an exciting new biotech company on a mission to fundamentally alter the therapeutic landscape of inflammatory diseases through both prevention and treatment. Siolta’s targeted design and development of microbiome-based therapies utilizes a systems approach to reprogram the gut microbiome and promote balanced immune tolerance. Our unique and multifaceted platform utilizes patient stratification, immune response validation, and rationally designed microbial consortia to provide efficacious live biotherapeutics. The company’s current efforts focus on the prevention and treatment of allergic disease, including asthma, using a proprietary rationally designed mixed-species microbial therapeutic.

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