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Ph.D., Director, Institute for Immunity, Transplantation and Infection, Stanford University

Professor Davis is an internationally-known expert on T lymphocyte recognition and systems immunology. His current focus is on understanding how information about the body’s immune system can inform us about our overall health and susceptibility to cardiovascular disease, autoimmunity, infectious diseases, and cancer. As the Director of the Institute for Immunology, Transplantation and Infection at Stanford, he has established a broad network of faculty and research groups developing and using innovative methods to systematically measure and analyze the function of the many cells and molecules that make up the human immune system. This approach is revolutionizing the study of human immunity in health and disease. Dr. Davis is the recipient of many honors and awards from around the world. Among these are membership in the National Academy of Sciences, and the Royal Society of London, The Paul Ehrlich Prize, The Gairdner Prize, and the King Faisal Prize.

Presentation Title and Company Description

Immunotherapy Showcase: The Human Immune System in Health & Disease
The immune system is a complex collection of specialized cells and molecules. At Stanford, we have been working to define metrics of immunological health which may provide an early warning of diseases such as cancer, autoimmunity or cardiovascular diseases.

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