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MS, LCGC, Lead Genetic Counselor, Cancer Genetics and Genomics, Stanford Healthcare Clinical Assistant Professor (Affiliated) of Pediatrics (Genetics) Stanford University

Kerry E. Kingham, M.S., C.G.C., is Lead Genetic Counselor for the Clinical Cancer Genetics Program and Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Stanford University School of Medicine. Ms. Kingham received her master’s degree in Health and Medical Sciences from the University of California at Berkeley and is board certified and licensed in genetic counseling. She provides hereditary cancer risk assessment for patients, focusing on personalized approaches to cancer prevention and early detection. Ms. Kingham serves as a clinical supervisor and admissions committee member for the Stanford Master’s Degree program in Genetic Counseling and lectures frequently to genetic counseling and medical students. She is also involved in research on the clinical implementation of emerging genetic sequencing technologies, with a focus on the role of genetic counseling.


Genetic Counseling in the Clinic: Navigating and Translating Complex Results for the Patient

Genetic testing has become more accessible to patients as test costs have decreased and patient awareness of testing has increased. What does a genetic test mean for a patient? Genetic test results can affect the patient’s direct medical care and that of their family members. A genetic counselor’s role in this process is explained as well as the impact this may have on patients and their families.

Session Abstract – PMWC 2017 Silicon Valley

Session Synopsis: The clinical NGS workflow is complex in nature, spanning sequence data generation, data management, data analysis and interpretation, as well as reporting of the actionable findings. Building the right solution requires a good understanding of the processes to be supported and the needs to be addressed for individual constituents. In this session we will hear about some of the solutions that are available today as well as the perspective of a genetic counselor, an important stakeholder who adds value toward the end of this workflow.

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