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Ph.D., MBA, CEO Colby Pharmaceutical Company

David Zarling PhD MBA is a Founder and the CEO of Colby Pharmaceutical Company (Menlo Park, California, www.colbypharma.com) and is leading the commercialization of IntraLymphNode Immunotherapeutics (CILNI™) and immunoactivating biological agents for cancer and other patients. David successfully managed the Colby team in the sale of three of their late pre-clinical or early clinical anti-cancer drugs and in Colby’s subsequent acquisition of Othera Pharmaceuticals with anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer clinical small molecule pharmaceutical drugs and drug candidates. David also successfully negotiated the world-wide exclusive license from MannKind Corporation to their immuno-therapeutics portfolio (including the technologies and products of CTL ImmunoTherapies and AlleCure Corporation), which are integral to the Colby immunotherapeutic and immunoactivating products.

Presentation Title and Company Description

Immunotherapy Showcase: Colby IntraLymphNode Immunotherapeutics (CILNI) & Immunoactivating Kirotopes™ For Cancer Patients’ Long-Term Durable Remissions

Colby and collaborators are clinically developing anti-inflammatory, -cancer and -autoimmune disease therapeutics. With clinical research professionals, we obtained human safety and efficacy in solid or hematological malignancies treated with proprietary cancer-specific targeted agents, using novel intralymphnode and other advanced delivery technologies resulting in significant long-term durable cancer patient remissions and potential cures. Our anti-inflammatory medicines are molecularly-targeted small molecule-, bio- and immuno-therapeutics advancing cost-effective clinical practices and favorable patient outcomes. Our molecularly targeted agents treat chronic inflammatory or hyper-proliferative diseases and are expanding clinical applications beyond cancer into targeted allergy, pain, regenerative and auto-immune medicines.

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