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Chief Commercial Officer, Mitra Biotech

Parker leads worldwide commercial operations for Mitra Biotech, a pioneer in novel technologies to better predict personalized therapy response in oncology. Mitra’s proprietary CANScriptTM assay tests how a patient’s tumor responds to numerous therapy combinations while retaining the critical components of the tumor microenvironment, including the immune compartment and heterogeneity. Mitra has demonstrated an extremely high correlation between its in-vitro predictions and what happens in-vivo in the clinic across different tumor types and drug classes. Importantly, the company has also demonstrated that immune checkpoint inhibitors can be successfully tested on the platform. Parker works with clinicians to demonstrate CANScriptTM clinical utility, and with biopharma clients to use the system as models for patient response – speeding development of new drugs. For over 15 years, Parker has been developing and launching novel diagnostic and drug discovery products and services with companies including BD and Upstate Biotechnology (now EMD Millipore).

Session Abstract – PMWC 2017 Silicon Valley

Session Synopsis: Predicting clinical response to cancer therapies remains a major challenge in cancer treatment. Recent reports indicate that the tumor microenvironment and heterogeneity can limit the predictive power of current biomarker guided strategies. The panel will discuss new technologies that preserve these critical elements for better predictive value.

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